AOC Breakout

Active optical cables (AOC) can be configured to support connectivity between different port types. A QSFP-DD to OSFP AOC allow for two different port types to be connected. AOC breakout cables can also be used to connect ports with different channel counts. A QSFP-DD to dual QSFP56 breakout AOC can be used to connect a single 2x200G port to two different 200G ports.

Data Rate Form Factor Optical Interface Connector Technology Reach Electrical Interface Retimer Application Digital Control Power Operating Temperature
100G QSFP28-4xSFP28Breakout AOC AOC VCSEL 100m 4x25G Analog Ethernet SFF-8636 / SFF-8431 1.8W / 0.6W 0°C – 70°C
400G QSFP-DD-2xQSFP56Breakout AOC AOC VCSEL 100m 8x50G Analog Ethernet CMIS 3.0 / SFF-8636 7W / 3.5W 0°C – 70°C
400G QSFP-DD-OSFPAOC AOC VCSEL 100m 8x50G Digital Ethernet CMIS 4.0 9.5W / 9.5W 0°C – 70°C
800G QSFP-DD 2x400G QSFP112AOC (Breakout) Breakout VCSEL 100m 8x100G Digital Ethernet CMIS5.0 13W 0°C – 70°C