The CXP product family is designed to support twelve bi-directional channels for Infiniband, Ethernet, and data-pipe applications. The CXP devices support 10G and 14G per lane and the CXP2 devices support 25G per lane.

Data Rate Form Factor Optical Interface Connector Technology Reach Electrical Interface Retimer Application Digital Control Power Operating Temperature
120G CXPAOC AOC VCSEL 100m 12x10G - Infiniband IB v1.3 2.5W 0°C – 70°C
168G CXPAOC AOC VCSEL 100m 12x14G - Infiniband IB v1.3 3.8W 0°C – 70°C
300G CXP2AOC AOC VCSEL 100m 12x25G Analog Infiniband IB v1.3 5.6W 0°C – 70°C