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2 x 200G OSFP 2 x FR4

The CWDM OSFP 400G module is a highly integrated 2x200G transceiver focused on reach, bandwidth, density and cost for datacenter deployments. The module has 8 independent electrical input/output channels operating at 53.125Gb/s per channel. Optically the module consists of two transmit/receive units, with each operating on a set of 4 wavelengths on the ITU G.694.2 CWDM grid near 1300nm. The transmit path of the module incorporates a bi-directional PAM4 retimer ASIC integrated with an 8-channel modulator driver, 8 externally modulated lasers (two on each CWDM channel) and two optical multiplexers. On the receive path, two optical demultiplexers are coupled to 8 photodiodes and two 4-channel TIA arrays, along with the PAM4 retimer. The electrical interface of the module is compliant with the 400GAUI-8 interface as defined by IEEE 802.3bs.

  • 2km reach via single mode fiber with KP4 FEC support at the host (BER
    threshold = 2e-4)
  • Optical link budget of 7.0dB to support fiber patch panel and fiber cable management
  • Triple rate operation: 53.125Gb/s (PAM4), 25.78125Gb/s (NRZ), and 10.3125Gb/s (NRZ) per channel
  • Soft FEC support (SFEC) for 1.5dB gain with 5% overhead included in PAM4 ASIC
  • Uncooled CWDM externally modulated lasers
  • Compliant with 400GAUI-8 interface defined in IEEE 802.3bs
  • Dual SMF mini-LC duplex optical connectors (5.25mm pitch)
  • Receiver monitoring: receiver signal strength indicator (RSSI) is required for link
  • Transmitter output power monitoring (TOPM) for laser calibration and link diagnostics
  • DC blocking caps on high-speed inputs and outputs
  • Hot pluggable for ease of installation and service
  • 400G Ethernet
  • Datacenter optical interconnect
  • Data Rate: 2x200Gb/s
  • Supply voltage: 3.3V
  • Power consumption: 13W
  • Wavelength: 1270 / 1290 / 1310 / 1330nm CWDM
  • Temp: 0°C – 70°C
  • Reach: 2km with SM fiber