Cloud Light aspires to treat all its stakeholders with respect, to exemplify the highest standards of corporate social responsibility, and to apply these standards in our policies and practices. This aspiration is expressed through our actions across various areas of operation:


Human Resources

We are an equal opportunity employer committed to treating our workforce with respect, helping employees develop their potential, and providing them with a safe and healthy working environment. We comply fully with applicable labor legislation and good practice.


We fulfill our environmental responsibilities through working to minimize the environmental impact of our products and processes, to practice “green purchasing”, reduce waste, and promote the efficient use and reuse of energy and resources.

Respect for Business Partners

We seek to treat our suppliers and other business partners fairly and to build mutually beneficial long-term partnerships with them.

Respect for Customers

Our customers are the reason we exist. Our key business objective is to meet their needs with high quality products at fair prices, coupled with highly responsive service.

Statement of Procurement Policy on Conflict Minerals

Conflict minerals refer to metal minerals such as gold (Au), tantalum (Ta), tungsten (W), and tin (Sn) produced from mining areas controlled by non-governmental military groups or non-military factions in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

We strictly abide by the code of conduct for the electronics industry, only purchase materials from suppliers responsible for the environment and society, and require our raw material suppliers to conduct due diligence with their supply chains to ensure that the raw materials they provide do not contain minerals from conflict areas.